Who Are We?

We are a group of advocates, organizations, and residents fighting for economic security on the both the local and state level in Westchester county. It is part of a larger statewide campaign, the Empire State Economic Security (ES2) campaign.

What is the Empire State Economic Security (ES2) Campaign?

ES2 is about families – like yours and mine. It’s about ensuring that we all have a real opportunity to afford a decent home, quality health care, a solid education, and can find a good job.

Unfortunately, in NY and in Westchester, fewer families are able to maintain a decent quality of life. It’s not enough just to work hard and play by the rules. Reaching the next step of the ladder has become almost impossible for many with the skyrocketing costs of housing, health insurance and a college education coupled with the rapid decline in decent paying jobs. New York State has the biggest gap between the rich and poor in the country, and within NYS, Westchester has one of the biggest gaps.

When hard times hit, our elected officials often remind us of the difficult choices they have to make for NY – choices about how our tax dollars will be spent. Unfortunately, NY has made the wrong choices in recent years – choosing to give tax cuts to millionaires and large corporations rather than making public college more affordable or helping more of us to get good health insurance. What we need is a strong and secure safety net to help keep families together during these tough times.

Who is involved with ES2?

ES2 is a statewide coalition of more than 200 social service providers, faith based groups, and concerned citizens coming together to say that NY can do better for our families.

The Campaign is coordinated by a statewide Steering Committee of a dozen groups that produce annual issue papers, organize campaign activities, and facilitate the direction of the campaign. Steering Committee members serve as Campaign liaisons to their local communities.

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